Student Collaboration and Negotiation

“Young people have not been well prepared for adult life today unless they are comfortable and well practiced in addressing collaboratively the kinds of problems and objectives that 21st century life poses.” – Kuhn

Collaboration is a near-ubiquitous buzzword in the world of business. Workspaces are designed to foster collaboration. Software companies promote the ways their programs facilitate collaboration — often across the continent or around the globe.

Collaboration is considered one of the key skills for 21st century learning. In fact, the P21 Framework for 21st Century Learning  identifies Collaboration as one of four essential learning skills (along with Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication) for the 21st century workforce, noting that “the importance of cooperative interpersonal capabilities is higher and the skills involved are more sophisticated than in the prior industrial era” (Dede, 2010, p. 2).

Classrooms can be laboratories for collaboration — places where students learn to tap each other’s strengths, contribute to shared goals, and solve problems together. In the process, students not only develop important skills for work and life but they also deepen their relationships with each other and internalize learning more fully.

This month’s content focuses on this important skill for all areas of life. Click the below image to download a guide with research, tips, and activities:


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