5th Annual JR-MAC Spring Rally

Date:                     Thursday, March 23, 2017
Location:              Musselman High School, 126 Excellence Way, Inwood, WV, 25428
Time:                     8am to 2pm
Cost:                     $150 per school for up to 10 participants and $15 per additional participant
Includes:              T-shirt, lunch and snacks

To pay by check:

  1. Click here to download the manual registration form.
  2. Complete the form and email it to #Renaissance.
  3. Request check and mail to the address on the form.

To pay by credit card, please visit www.JostensRenaissance.com/JRMAC after February 24th.

What is JR-MAC?

For over 25 years, Jostens has partnered with educators to renew school climate and culture through Jostens Renaissance® Education. Thousands of schools across North America are proud to call themselves “Jostens Renaissance” schools, sharing a sense of pride that is reflected in the results seen in improved academic performance, behavior, student engagement, and overall school spirit.

In 2012, schools from the Mid-Atlantic came together to create the Jostens Renaissance® Mid-Atlantic Collaborative (JR-MAC) which is a group of schools helping to create a network of support for other area schools.  Each year the JR-MAC comes together at our Spring Rally to share ideas, create new relationships, and come up with ideas that will improve your school’s climate and culture by focusing on the following tenets: build the character of students inside and outside the classroom; enhance and grow connections with peers, parents, experts, and all stakeholders; and create a culture of celebration of all achievements to inspire success for the future.

Who comes to the rally?

It doesn’t matter if you are a elementary, middle, or high school, by coming to this rally, you can boost your school’s culture with the excitement, appreciation and uplifting energy of awards and accolades to inspire underachieving students and overworked staff. Renaissance is customizable and it works.  We encourage you to utilize your student leadership, advisors, and all energetic Staffulty to create a team of believers.

Breakout topics include:

  • How to start a program
  • Fundraising to support your program
  • Ideas for elementary, middle and high school implementation
  • Data from successful programs
  • How to utilize student leaders

Special Guest Speaker: Davey Muise

Davey Muise uses his music as a vessel to tell youth across the globe that they are not alone in their fight; that although we may feel weak and useless on our own, we can band together and become a force strong enough to foster real change in our lives and even in the lives of others; that we can “find our shovel” and dig ourselves (and others) out of the negativity we may be buried

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