Strong and supportive relationships are the foundation for culture and climate work in a school. All Renaissance Rs are more effective when connections are nurtured between students, staff, teachers, administrators, parents, school board members, local businesses, and the community at large. Below are just a few of the resources Jostens offers to implement this R in your school!


Below is a sample of video resources focused on relationship-building. To access all videos, sign into your Jostens account.

Can everyone call your school home?

In this video from JRVC 2020, Paul Dols shares his insights on how to make your school feel like home by investing in relationships throughout schools. Dols also discusses topics such as inclusivity and shares his personal experiences.


The Harbor Season 2: Episode 21

Ejay O’Donnell, Vice President of, reminds us that life is fragile and hopes that we focus on how we treat others – as humans, not robots. In this episode, O’Donnell shares the lessons he’s learned from his personal experiences.


Courageous Conversations: Relationships

Dr. Farah Ortega-Choate shares the impact prioritizing relationships has had on her as educator and as a person, and explains why relationships matter most.



Below is a sample of Relationship-focused podcasts from Jostens ConnectEd podcasts. To access all episodes, click here.

Inclusivity and Student Leadership

This series of the ConnectEd podcast is focused on Student Identity and Expressions. In this episode, Alivia Jacobs and Mya Decker (PA) share how young leaders can engage more of their peers.


This series of the ConnectEd podcast is focused on e-sports. In this episode, host Jeff Leach is joined by Mark Candella to discuss how e-sports creates a sense of community for young people with a passion for gaming.

Engaging Student Leaders

This series of the ConnectEd podcast is focused on leadership training in education. In this episode, Patterson and DeWayne Patterson share insights on how to keep student leaders engaged and motivated.

Idea Exchanges

Below is a sample of Relationship-focused Idea Exchanges submitted by various schools. To access all idea exchanges, login to your Jostens account.

Room Service Cards

Staffulty members complete a Room Service Card. then students knock on doors and deliver treats in room service style to them.

Activity goal: Showing appreciation to staffulty

Submitted by: Greenbrier High School

Letters to Students

Spotlight students privately (and potentially publicly) by having educators write them a letter of appreciation.

Activity goal: Give credit and attention to students who inspire and motivate educators

Submitted by: Smyrna High School

Styles for Students

Recognize students for having good attendance, making progress in the classroom, or for completing assignments on time.

Activity goal: Recognize students for weekly attendance and assignment completion

Submitted by: Eisenhower High School (WA)

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