Educational Equity

Are you experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Widening achievement gaps
  • Recognizable opportunity gaps
  • Low percentage of student population involved in extracurriculars
  • Skewed demographics when looking at discipline data
  • Lack of parental involvement or engagement

If so, these are symptoms of an underlying equity issue. The Renaissance resources below can help you on your educational equity journey. Our top recommendations are listed first, followed by our entire library of resources for educational equity. If you would like input on how to best use these resources, check out the Implementation Plan section at the bottom of this page.

Featured Resources

Jostens Renaissance Virtual Conference – Equity Panel

Six educators from around the globe foster an engaging panel discussion on the intricacies of educational equity. This is the first of three convenings of the panel and here they identify the different groups on your campus that are affected by equity issues. This resource is ideal for your equity committee or leadership team.

Educator Summit – Equity Panel Discussion

In the second installment of our equity panel, featuring global educational thought leaders, strategies for creating more equitable student experiences and teacher practices are shared. This resource should be viewed by your equity committee or leadership team in order to shape future professional learning opportunities for your staff.

Harbor Episode – Equity vs Equality

In this episode of The Harbor by Jostens, differentiation between the terms equity and equality are explained. Show this episode to students in the classroom and utilize the accompanying critical discussion guide to begin dialogue for creating a stronger, more unified community.

Exclusive Educational Equity Resources

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RenTalk – Dr. Farah Meadows
Video on Demand providing personal testimony for overcoming stereotypes and inequities

Webinar – Educational Equity
Video on Demand posing reflective questions to help identify areas for equity focus

Jostens Renaissance Virtual Conference Breakout – A Seat at the Table
Video on Demand with insights on what it means to ‘give voice’

Jostens Renaissance Virtual Conference Breakout – Different, Not Less
Video on Demand focused on equity for students with disabilities

Jostens Renaissance Virtual Conference Breakout – Addressing Gaps
Video on Demand sharing best practices for closing data gaps

Jostens Renaissance Virtual Conference Breakout – Message of Support
Video on Demand sharing a message of support for students of color

Harbor Episode – Diversity and Inclusion
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts providing suggestions for breaking down barriers and finding commonalities with others

Harbor Episode – Tolerance and Acceptance
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts depicting students from various backgrounds sharing experiences of intolerance

Harbor Episode – Judgement
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts addressing the topics of judgement and prejudice both in and outside of the classroom

Harbor Episode – Bias
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts challenging students to examine their internal biases

Harbor Episode – Activism
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts offering suggestions for how to begin making a difference for issues dear to your heart

Harbor Episode – Privilege
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts demonstrating how privilege impacts opportunities

Harbor Episode – Aaron Davis
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts expanding the thought that diversity and tolerance are not only race issues but are human issues

Curriculum Lesson – Giving Voice
A classroom lesson plan exploring the concepts of marginalization, privilege, and providing voice

Curriculum Lesson – Tolerance vs Inclusion vs Belonging
A classroom lesson plan discussing bias, roots of intolerance, and ways to expand one’s perspective

Curriculum Lesson – Empathy vs Sympathy
A classroom lesson plan differentiating between empathy and sympathy for the experiences of others

Curriculum Lesson – Perception and Perspective
A classroom lesson plan exploring the relationship between perception and perspective and how each applies to how we view and treat others

Curriculum Lesson – Representation
A classroom lesson plan challenging leaders to evaluate the percentage of student body with voice on your campus

Curriculum Lesson – School Group Identification
A classroom lesson plan analyzing which groups on your campus are provided the  most attention and support

ConnectEd Podcast – Inclusivity and Student Leadership
Podcast episode with student guests sharing how young leaders can engage more of their peers

ConnectEd Podcast – Finding Your Voice
Podcast episode with student guest discussing how young people can give power to their voice despite their age

ConnectEd Podcast – Activism
Podcast episode with student guest sharing ways youth can push for progress and positive change

ConnectEd Podcast – Immigration
Podcast episode with student guest sharing a personal experience being an immigrant

Courageous Conversations – Relationships
Dr. Farah Ortega-Choate shares the impact prioritizing relationships has had on her as educator and as a person.

Courageous Conversations – Achievement Gap
In this episode of Courageous Conversations, Dr. Bell shares how parents can advocate for our children’s growth.

Courageous Conversations – Parental Involvement
In this episode of Courageous Conversations, Julie shares how parental involvement diminishes in middle and high school grades and provides easy ways parents can respect their child’s growing independence and autonomy without backing out of their educational experience.

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