A Test Score Does Not Define You

Test scores are often the data point that society uses to determine an educator’s value. But, as we all know, there is SO MUCH MORE to being an effective educator than test scores alone. This episode expands on the premise that you and your students will never be defined by a number.

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A test score does not define you

Extend this topic

The resources below can be used to expand the work around this topic over the course of several meetings or an entire school year.

  • People’s Choice Awards with Samantha Grimes
  • Achievement Gaps with John Bush
  • Courageous Conversations - The Achievement Gap with Dr. Keith Bell
  • Different, Not Less with Dr. Michelle CarneyRay-Yoder
  • Student Motivation Ideas with Dr. Phil Campbell
  • Courageous Conversations - Engaging Students with Jonathan Alsheimer
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