The Green Room

Professional learning for rockstar educators

The Green Room is a professional learning video series designed to create dialogue and reflection among educators. The videos and discussion questions lead to a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies while also expanding viewpoints toward education in general.

This video series is ideal for staff meetings, professional development workshop days, conveying schools’ values to new teachers and addressing specific situations. It can help build a culture in which every adult in your building understands the opportunity to play a significant and positive role in the lives of your students.

Professional learning episodes for:

Each Green Room episode is accompanied by downloadable faculty discussion and action plan prompts, as well as ideas for extending the topic beyond a single meeting.

Featured Video

Love: The Secret Ingredient


Dr. Phil Campbell, known to his students as PC, is a veteran educator with a passion for loving kids. His goal is to assist schools in becoming the best learning environments they can possibly be for students to learn and for teachers to teach.

With educational experience as a teacher, coach, athletic director, and principal, PC has fought the battles on the front lines of education and understands how to win and connect with today’s youth. PC implemented Renaissance in his school and saw reduced discipline rates, increased attendance rates, improved graduation rates and an overall enhancement of school culture.

the green room

The Green Room videos are a fresh and innovative approach to professional development, providing relevant and engaging content for the staff. The unique format is a breath of fresh air, making learning exciting and enjoyable. The Green Room videos have served as a catalyst for us to come together and address current challenges, strengthening our commitment to creating a positive and inclusive school culture.

– Derek Ward, Teacher, Clear Creek High School

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