Jostens Renaissance live events are the ultimate Renaissance experience.

Each one is part inspiration and part practical strategy. If you want to feel re-energized about education, if you want access to thousands of ideas, or if you want to make an action plan, make plans to attend a live event.

It might sound like hyperbole, but it’s not: Renaissance events have changed lives through a focus on both attitude and action. We hope you’ll join us!

Student Regional Events

The excitement and resources of Renaissance are coming to your area! Bring your leadership students for an inspiring day filled with ideas for making a positive impact on your school’s climate and culture.

Educator Regional Events

Through dynamic keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities with other like-minded educators from your area, we promise that you will leave this event inspired and reenergized.

Happy R Virtual Events

For administrators and educators

An hour of joyful virtual learning and discussion. Join us monthly on topics ranging from recognition and reward to building strong relationships.

Jostens Renaissance Global Conference

For administrators, educators, and the students who make change happen

The Crown Jewel in the Jostens Renaissance experience, JRGC is designed for both students and staffulty (staff + faculty). Attend alone to get a taste of Renaissance or send a team of people who are empowered to take action – they’ll leave with a list of actions they are excited to take!

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