Take the Pulse of Your School Community


The Pulse Student Recognition Survey is a brief scientifically validated online survey that is is designed to gather and summarize perceptions from teachers, students and parents on the ways students are recognized, encouraged and rewarded in their school. It provides insights with regard to:

  • How recognition is given – What achievements are recognized and how often are they awarded?
  • How recognition is experienced – Is recognition perceived as fair, consistent, meaningful and inclusive?
  • How recognition makes a difference – Do students feel motivated, inspired and included?

Benefits For Schools

  • Gives students a voice as to how they are — and would prefer to be — recognized and valued.
  • Allows students to express what types of recognition matter most to them.
  • Provides a forum for communication to ensure that all students feel recognized and valued.
  • Yields practical, comprehensible data that helps schools understand where they might enhance recognition.

Technical Report

Click the image below to see the research behind The Pulse – Student Recognition Survey:


Example Results

Click the image below to see an example of results to The Pulse – Student Recognition Survey:

You will receive a PDF with your school’s results 3-5 days after your survey is complete.

The Pulse – Student Recognition Survey is available at no cost to Jostens Customers. to request a Pulse Survey for your school. Not a member? Learn More!

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