Four Steps To Get Started

Because Renaissance is a customizable framework rather than a rigid program, we recommend that you start with the following four steps so you can decide exactly how you want to use Renaissance at your school.

1. LOG IN!

You need a username and password to access most of the resources on this website. If you don’t have one, reach out to [email protected].


Read the short What is Renaissance Education? article to familiarize yourself with the Renaissance philosophy and The Results Formula®.


Take a look at the Resources menu at the top of this website. Note that you can find resources by name (if you know exactly what you are looking for) or by need (if you want to focus your energies with a specific goal in mind).


Start your Renaissance Journey with the Monthly Playbook, a guide offering activity suggestions from the first day of school to the last… Or go deep by taking advantage of the Get Started course on this page. It offers guidance that will help you establish a strong Renaissance program at your school.


In this website’s menu, navigate to the Community page of our website. Here, you can connect with other passionate educators in your area. The idea-sharing is unbelievable!

Part of the magic of Renaissance Education is that it is so customizable for each school. While we offer hundreds of resources and ideas, you can use as much or as little as you want, focusing on your own school’s culture and climate. This means that Renaissance Education is less of a  structured program and more of a philosophy with a support system.


The resources in this area are available to all schools without logging in.


While Jostens customers have access to an in-depth Renaissance School Culture Survey, the Starter Assessment was developed to help administrators or other school leaders to start thinking about their school’s climate and culture. After taking the survey, please poke around our website to get a feel for the resources that Renaissance offers. Many are available for any school to use.


The resources below are available to Jostens customers after logging in.

The resources below will help simplify the process of getting started in the following ways:

  1. You’ll get access to assessments and surveys to help identify areas of excellence and need.
  2. You’ll learn about the power of Renaissance Education and the resources available to support your school’s program.
  3. You’ll get ideas in four of the most common and powerful Renaissance areas: Recognition, Reward, and Reinforcement.
School Culture Survey


This Survey can be sent to the staff and students in your school to learn where your school is excelling and identify potential areas of opportunity. Many schools use the data to share areas of strength with their community. They also use it decide where to focus their Renaissance Education activities. The Survey is a Google Forms file; the button below (only visible when you are logged in) will save a copy of the Survey in your Google account.

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get started course


This online course is a great way to learn about the power of Renaissance Education, the philosophy behind it, and how to structure your school’s Renaissance Program.

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