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Teachers love their jobs. Students thrive in school.

Jostens Renaissance is, by design, a contrast to the prescriptive educational programs that we’ve all seen come in and out of vogue. And perhaps best of all, it is provided at no additional cost to Jostens customers!

Schools have been using the Jostens Renaissance framework and resources for more than 30 years to build a culture and climate that encourages:

There are countless ways a school can engage with the Jostens Renaissance framework. But for many, the easiest way to begin is by focusing on improving a few specific, measurable facets of their school performance. This way, each action can be precise in its intent, and the results can be more clearly tracked.

Data nerds, rejoice!

But what does that mean, Results?

Of course, they’re different for each school. But to give you an idea of what can happen, here are a few real-life examples that have resulted from the culture and climate created in Jostens Renaissance schools:

Result: Teacher Retention

Summerville High School, SC

In first year of Renaissance, teacher retention went from 80.6% to 95%.

Result: Academic Achievement

Somers Point School District, NJ

Math:  29% increase in students testing at or above grade level.

Reading:  19% increase in students testing at or above grade level.

Result: Character Development

Horizon Middle School, CO

After implementing Jostens Renaissance, 60% of students had zero discipline referrals and also achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher, up 41% from before Renaissance.

So, How Does it Work?

Supported by resources, in addition to events and a vibrant community, Jostens Renaissance schools use The Results Formula to guide their culture and climate efforts.


Schools who partner with Jostens for publication of their yearbook and/or for scholastic products like graduation regalia, senior celebration items and class jewelry have access to powerful resources free of charge. The suite of resources, which include video and discussion guides, curricula, surveys and idea-sharing, are valued at more than $38,000. 

Jostens Renaissance exclusive resources include:


A Professional Learning video series designed to create dialogue and reflection among educators, this is Professional Development at its best!

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Project-based and engaging, the Leadership Curriculum combines the study of leadership with the action of building a healthy school-wide culture and climate.

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The Harbor

This series facilitates the teaching of character development by showcasing tangible life lessons through engaging video content and discussion guides.

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The Results Formula™

The Jostens Renaissance Results Formula™ works like this:


A Customizable Framework

As Jostens Renaissance schools build their culture and climate, they focus on using the Results Formula™. Identify the values that you RESPECT and then RECOGNIZE and REWARD actions you want to see. REINFORCE your values through traditions and words, while looking for ways to create strong RELATIONSHIPS. All of this drives RESULTS.


Renaissance schools show respect to what they regard as important. And while every school can have their own twist or area of focus, Renaissance schools, as a whole, show respect to academic performance, character development and to the staff and faculty (Staffulty) dedicated to helping students succeed.


Renaissance creates an energized culture of recognition that runs broad and deep. It’s a culture that is purposeful in identifying achievements of all stakeholders and thoughtful in recognizing them. A Renaissance culture is focused on catching students (and educators) doing something awesome.


Renaissance schools reward students for actions and achievements that align with what the school respects. There are many examples of Renaissance rewards — each of them serves to show appreciation to the efforts of students and teachers, to reinforce the behaviors that are valued and respected at school, and to provide motivation for more achievements. By implementing a system of rewards, schools can illustrate the benefits of hard work.


If academic performance, character development and Staffulty are most important, that message should be reinforced with all stakeholders all year long. The physical appearance of your school, visual reminders of graduation and college goals and an everyday culture of respect and recognition all work together to reinforce your values.


Relationships are the foundation for all the work that takes place in a school, especially culture work. They can be started and strengthened in small ways, with intentional conversations and easy meet-and-greet activities, or in big ways, like Renaissance Rally events and teacher appreciation traditions.


When students and educators build relationships by working together to respect student character, academic excellence and Staffulty, and when they recognize, reward and reinforce achievements in these areas in fun and meaningful ways, that leads to results. Those results are why Renaissance has been around more than 30 years. It works. Jostens Renaissance has been tested, refined and customized in thousands of schools across North America. Grades go up. Tardiness  goes down. Graduation rates improve. Relationships are built. And morale goes through the roof, creating a climate and culture where everyone feels and knows that they matter.

Learn more about the results seen in Jostens Renaissance schools.


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