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Love: The Secret Ingredient

This free episode of The Green Room chronicles the stories of several educators as they bare their heart and soul.


Teachers Rock! – Staffulty Recognition

Involve teachers in recognizing each other, and make it fun while doing this simple and effective recognition.


Teacher Retention Starts with Culture

More than ever, school Culture and Climate is key to attracting and retaining staff.

Exclusive Educator Morale Resources

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Use The Results Formula™ to encourage academic success at your school.  RECOGNIZE and REWARD the academic efforts that result in success. REINFORCE your values through traditions and words, while looking for ways to create strong RELATIONSHIPS. All of this drives RESULTS.


Resources and ideas for recognizing students who are are applying themselves academically.


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Education – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts featuring educators sharing their ‘why’


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Kudos Notepads – Fun notepads that make it easy to recognize staffulty for a specific action

Made a Difference To That One Notecards – Notecards that feature Renaissance’s favorite story – the Starfish.


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Honorary Diploma (Article) – Graduating seniors give an honorary diploma to any teacher or staff member throughout their school experience who has made an impact and helped them graduate.

Tireless Staff Award (Printable) – Best practice idea for recognizing a staff member each month for tireless efforts

Increasing Teacher Retention (Video) – How one school boosted teacher retention by boosting morale with recognition

Share the Love (Video) – When this principal receives a compliment about a teacher, he passes it along

Stick it To ‘Em (Video) – Encourage relationships between new and veteran Staffulty with this welcome-to-the-team activity. Within one minute, you’ll have a fresh staff meeting idea.


Resources and ideas for strategically rewarding students who apply themselves academically.


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Day Maker Mousepad – Show staff their hard work filling many roles is seen and appreciated

Making a Difference Magnets – Everyone in your building, from office staff to lunchroom workers, could benefit from this visible statement of appreciation and shared commitment

Renaissance Journal – Gift for bringing class and convenience to note-taking or organizing

Teacher Appreciation Buttons – Colorful buttons evoke the joy and diversity of why teachers do what they do

$5 Gift Cards – Who doesn’t love a $5 gift card? Support and cultivate relationships with local business and give your students a reward you KNOW they will love.


Resources and ideas that reinforce the concept of academic growth and graduation.


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Gratitude – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts encourages students to consider the time and energy devoted to helping students get to the finish line.

Mentorship – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts providing content relevant to building a culture of mentorship for educators


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For Educators

How to Be a Rock Star Educator – Take your game to the next level and become the best version of you in order to reach your students

A Test Score Does Not Define You – An educator’s value and effectiveness is about so much more than data points

The Legends Never Make It – In all aspects of success, complacency is the enemy. Education is no different. This episode details ways that you can continue to grow and evolve as an educator.

Love – The Secret Ingredient – When you think about great educators, regardless of their subject matter or age, they all have one common ingredient in their methodology: love.

For Administrators

Staffulty Team Building Ideas – Whether you need to take your school from ‘fragmented to family’ or you are simply looking for ways to strengthen the unification you already have amongst your Staffulty, this episode of The Green Room is full of ideas just for you!

Welcoming New Teachers – Running a well-disciplined, engaging, and dynamic classroom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Learn from some of the best in education about how they create fun, personalized-learning experiences without the chaos.


Seeking Growth – Educators share their favorite resources that have helped them grow professionally and personally


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People Will Never Forget Poster – This quote from Maya Angelou reminds educators of their long-term impact

Staffulty Definition Poster – Remind staffulty that every adult in the building that they are part of a special group with a very important mission

Starfish Pin/BookmarkComing soon! Teachers are a difference makers. Create a small daily reminder about making a difference to “that one” with this pin and bookmark featuring the story of “The Starfish”

Making a Difference Magnets – Bookmarks and magnets remind Staffulty that every student makes a difference

Heart A Teacher Tumbler – Coming soon! 


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Mindset Matters (Video) – Our mindset affects our relationships, our school culture, and our mental health

Thanks for Being the Teacher I Couldn’t Forget (Video) – A devastating event brings clarity to our purpose as educators

Combat Burnout in 5 Minutes (Video) – Take a few minutes to record three good things that happen each day

Staffulty Commitment Wall (Printable) – A mural with positive messaging and staffulty signatures reinforces their shared commitment

Appreciation Post (Printable) – Private appreciation is great, but taking it public on social media makes a values statement

Recharge Your “Why” (Video) – Connect with students authentically to “fill your cup”

 Keep It Balanced (Video) – Keeping yourself balanced is an important step to keeping your students balanced

Pride and Grace (Video) – Showing students how to adapt and deal with challenges can make school more fulfilling for everyone

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