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Harbor Homerooms

Harbor Homeroom can support SEL and help you discover more student leaders on your campus than you ever imagined.


Courageous Conversations Video Series

Real Talk. Real Strength. It is time to normalize the conversation around wellbeing, self care, and mental health. Courageous Conversations share real stories by real people who have shown real strength.


Renaissance and Restorative Practices

Relationships are the foundation of school culture, and using restorative practices to intentionally strengthen relationships leads to more connected students and more fulfilled teachers and staff.

Exclusive Character Development Resources

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Use The Results Formula™ to encourage academic success at your school.  RECOGNIZE and REWARD the academic efforts that result in success. REINFORCE your values through traditions and words, while looking for ways to create strong RELATIONSHIPS. All of this drives RESULTS.


Resources and ideas for recognizing students who are are applying themselves academically.


Renaissance Rallies – Why and How To – Renaissance Rally is specifically designed to celebrate a broad number of students for academics and character, along with the staffulty that helped make those achievements happen.


Positive Principal Referral – Recognize students for good behavior with Positive Principal Referrals. This strategy is a good way to encourage students who don’t often receive praise, and is often a bright spot in an administrator’s day.


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 Tokens of Appreciation – Tokens for immediate and unexpected recognition of good deeds

Characteristic Buttons – Method for honoring positive characteristics possessed by a student


Resources and ideas for strategically rewarding students who apply themselves academically.


Renaissance Cards  Renaissance Cards help motivate students to perform academically and to display good character

Reward Ideas  Reward students who are doing the right thing and motivate whose who are ready to change with these free and low-cost ideas


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Why You’re Awesome Notepads (Product) – Best practice submission for expressing appreciation and encouragement

Recognition Discs (Product) – Best practice submission for providing personal and public recognition of character qualities


Resources and ideas that reinforce the concept of academic growth and High School graduation.


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Pause Before You Post Pins – Visible reminder for students to use social media with integrity and safety.


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Self Reflection – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts highlighting how reflection provides critical insights about ourselves and others

Pressure – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts reminding us that staying true to ourselves is important when facing pressure to conform

Self Confidence – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts sharing advice for growing one’s self-confidence

Failure  – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts in which students share their perspectives on failure and fear of rejection

Reflection – A classroom lesson plan applying effective reflective tools to self and performance

Self Improvement – A classroom lesson plan providing strategies for turning personal insecurities into features of pride

Courage – A classroom lesson plan discussing how fear and courage impact personal growth


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Integrity – A classroom lesson plan exploring what it means to live and lead with integrity

Attitude – A classroom lesson plan exploring attitudinal tendencies and developing strategies for maintaining a positive attitude

Failure – A classroom lesson plan applying meaning to the causes of failure

Grit – A classroom lesson plan analyzing the definition, sources, and manifestations of grit

Personal Value Adds – A classroom lesson plan assisting students in identifying their potential contributions to a larger group

Humility – A classroom lesson plan teaching students how to express themselves in a humble light

Self Image vs Reputation – A classroom lesson plan analyzing the relationship between self-image and reputation and identifying ways to repair each


Seeking Growth – In this episode of Courageous Conversations, several educators share their favorite books, podcasts, and PLNs – ones that have helped them grow both professionally and personally.

Preparing for Life’s Transitions – In this episode of Courageous Conversations, a handful of young adults discuss their emotions and mindset as they face some big life transitions on the horizon.


Resources and ideas selected to enhance Social Emotional Learning units in your school.


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Just Checking In Cards – Best practice submission for how to create a formal system for peer check-ins

Cut Me Some Slack Pass–  Best practice submission for how to exhibit grace when a student is struggling

Can We Talk Cards – Private way for students to reach out when they are in need of support


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Health and Wellness – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts describing how the cultivation of small habits lead to healthier living

Insecurities – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts in which dozens of high school students give their perspectives on insecurities and how they work to overcome them

Substance Abuse – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts discussing the reasons people seek substances to cope

Stress and Pressure – Video-based lesson with discussion prompts providing practical tips on how to manage pressure


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Curriculum Lesson – Coping Strategies – A classroom lesson plan identifying active and passive approaches for dealing with various types of stressors

Curriculum Lesson – Emotional Wellness – A classroom lesson plan with tips for creating and maintaining healthy balance throughout life’s ups and downs


Mental Health  – Watch this episode for insights and tips for making mental health an intentional priority every day.

Physical Fitness & Wellbeing  – In this episode of Courageous Conversations, Dwight shares his wellbeing journey and shows us the connection between physical and mental wellness.

Relationships – Dr. Farah Ortega-Choate shares the impact prioritizing relationships has had on her as educator and as a person.

Self Care – In this episode of Courageous Conversations, Sara shares simple, yet impactful, tips for making our wellbeing a priority.

Mental Wellness – In this episode of Courageous Conversations, a few brave young people offer a peak inside their own mental wellness struggles and coping strategies.

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