Educational Equity

How do we ensure equal learning opportunities for all so that every single student can be successful? This episode discusses the sensitive topic of equity and how we, as educators, can better meet the needs of our students and serve them as individuals.

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Extend this topic

The resources below can be used to expand the work around this topic over the course of several meetings or an entire school year.

  • Equity Conversation with Dwight Carter & Dr. Phil Campbell
  • This Is Me with Dr. Farah Ortega-Choate
  • Equity Ideas with Dr. Tara Campbell
  • Educational Equity with Dr. Shameka Gerald
  • Harbor Episode - Equity
  • Equity Panel Discussion with Dr. Shameka Gerald, Dr. Bradford Hubbard, Tess Charnaud, Peter Loy, Dr. Keith Bell, and Patrice Powdar
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