high five

High Fives

Build camaraderie and trust while practicing giving and receiving compliments by taking time during in your next yearbook editing period to have staffers write notes of gratitude, appreciation, or praise to each other.

Activity Goal: Build Relationships

Materials: Paper, clothing-safe markers, tape

Submitted by: The Renaissance Community



  1. Each staffer traces their hand on a large piece of paper.
  2. Everyone has someone else tape the paper on their back.
  3. Each staffer gives a written compliment on every other staffers’ high five sheet and signs it. Do this in a circle or another organized way to make sure everyone gets the same number of compliments.
  4. Students take a minute to look at their paper and reflect on their peers’ gratitude

high Fives yearbook

Additional Opportunities:

  • Do this activity after meeting a deadline or finishing a project, so their comments can reinforce the actions that helped meet the goal.


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