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National Renaissance Student or Staffulty of the MonthJostens Renaissance Education recognizes the best examples of students and Staffulty™ members who are making amazing impact on the culture of their schools. Each month we will name a National Renaissance Student of the Month and a National Renaissance Staffulty Member of the Month!

Winning students or Staffulty members will demonstrate how they put the Six R’s of the Results Formula™ into action throughout the school year. It could be the Staffulty™ member who organized recognition for students who improved their GPA. It could be the student who stayed late to showcase messages of respect by painting a mural in the hallway.  It could be the Renaissance coordinator who implemented a way for other Staffulty™ members to be recognized regularly in their school.  These are the people who are showing their commitment to making a difference in their school and community, and we want to tell their stories.

See info below and nominate the deserving students and/or adults in your building. Each selected Staffulty™ and student of the month will be contacted, interviewed and celebrated in the Jostens Renaissance Monthly email.

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