When is a good time to start doing recognition? Anytime! When you regularly pay attention to a wide-range of people, in a way that is more dependent on effort and improvement than on being the smartest or fastest you foster a tradition of making sure everyone feels seen, heard and loved. With the help of these culture-boosting activities, you’ll begin creating a community where teachers love their jobs and students thrive in school.

Remember to share all recognition on social media, so everyone knows you value all members of your community!

Recognition For Students

Student Birthdays: Celebrate all birthdays weekly with posters, singing, or treats, and list them on a bulletin board or read them during announcements.

Student of the Month: Establish criteria, then select one student each month to recognize and reward with a certificate and gift, or have staff nominate numerous students and invite them to a special club meeting.

Perfect Attendance: Demonstrate to students that showing up matters! Have a monthly drawing for prizes, or invite them to a special breakfast.

Random Knock: Show up unexpectedly with treats to reward a class with perfect attendance, zero tardies, or 100% homework completion.

High Five Fridays: End the week on a high note! Start by having administrators and teachers welcome students as they arrive, then recruit teams or classes to participate.

“Class Of” Days: Bring students together as a class by spotlighting them on the corresponding calendar date. For instance, the class of 2026 would have their special day on the 26th of the month.

Recognition For Staffulty

Staffulty Birthdays: Celebrate all birthdays weekly with a birthday ambush, posters, singing, or treats. Ask Staffulty to fill out an online form with their favorite treat and beverage, and deliver them on their special day.

Staffulty of the Month: Establish criteria, then select one Staffulty member each month to recognize and reward with a certificate, bowling pin or other rotating prize, or a special meal.

New Teachers Monthly Meetings: Support your new teachers with a lunchtime meeting, but make it special with candy, logo water bottles, and school supplies to help them feel at home.

Sweet Notes of Appreciation: Encourage Staffulty members to put a meaningful compliment and a sweet treat in a colleague’s mailbox.

Monthly Inspirational Moment: Set a positive tone at staff meetings by inviting students to announce their inspirational teacher of the month and share why they were selected.

Holidays: Celebrate special days throughout the year with a gift in staff mailboxes or an appropriate treat (i.e. Administrative Professionals, Taco, Nurses, Coaches, Sandwich, and Sundae Days).

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