People's Choice Awards

People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards is a ceremony that allows school staff to recognize outstanding students for reasons such as hard work leadership or any criteria they choose.

School Type: Middle School, High School

Activity Goal: Celebrate students’ outstanding behavior throughout the school year

Prep Time: A few days to collect information; one – two hours to prep the ceremony space

People Required: Entire Staffulty

Space Requirements: Auditorium, Gym, or other large commons area

Timing: End of the school year

Materials: Certificates or medals, and printed copies of the nomination letter

Cost: $100

Submitted by: Jostens Renaissance Education



  1. Send a memo out to staff members containing information about the People’s Choice Award and ask them to send the name of their chosen student to the event organizer.
  2. Send a letter to the students that have been nominated to let them know they were selected for the People’s Choice Award, but be discreet about all the details. In the letter to the student let them know the date, time and the formal dress code.
  3. At the event the staff member reads why their nominee is so incredible and invites the student onto the stage.
  4. The staff member then gives their nominee a medal or certificate to cherish along with a copy of the staff member’s description of why the student was nominated.


  • In the invitation to the student, encourage family and friends to join in the celebration by attending the People’s Choice Award celebration.
  • Make the entrance a big deal! Lay out a carpet and celebrate these school super stars.

Peoples Choice Awards


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