The time between Thanksgiving and Winter Break is short, but it’s an opportunity to ensure everyone feels a touch of joy before they take some time apart from one another. Cement the work you’ve done this fall with one or more of the activities below, plus the relationship-builder.

See more details about this month’s activities by clicking the title of each idea below!


Just Checking In Cards: Recognize students who check in on each other. Ask them to pay it forward and check in on someone else. You can have a drawing for a small prize to give them a little extra incentive.


Door Decorating Themes: Reinforce staff camaraderie and student connections by having a classroom door decorating contest. Encourage contestants to decorate based on personal interests, or provide everyone with a school-wide theme.​



Secret Staffulty Dress Up Day: Reinforce a playful, fun vibe by having all Staffulty dress in an unexpected way on a designated day. But remember to keep it hush hush until the day of, so it can be a surprise for students! ​

Social-Emotional Learning – video and discussion: Use this The Green Room professional  learning episode at a staff meeting or PD day to reinforce the value of acknowledging the emotional needs of both students and Staffulty alike.


I Witnessed Something Awesome Postcards: Recognize students when they do something special with these popular postcards. (Pro Tip: Really make someone’s day by mailing the note to parents as a surprise.) Available in the Ren Store.

It’s Supposed to Be Fun – video and discussion: Use this The HarborTM by Jostens episode to reinforce the idea that having a positive attitude is within our control, and that having fun is an important facet of life.


Where Are You Headed Wall: Recognize seniors while reinforcing the ultimate goal of education — a fulfilling life after graduation. Create a wall display where all post-secondary plans are celebrated including college, military, and work.

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