Heard the phrase “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb?” Don’t let your school community face the end of the year feeling meek. By doing one or more of the activities below, plus the relationship-builder, you can help your school community finish the year with the strength of a lion!

See more details about this month’s activities by clicking the title of each idea below!


Guess the Teacher: Reinforce student connections with Staffulty by having teachers post or share photos of themselves when they were students in the grade level they teach. Brace yourself for big hair, bow ties, and fun conversations!


Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament: Reinforce a sense of community with a surprisingly exciting school-wide Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. This is one of our favorites!



Paper Plate Awards: Recognize Staffulty by having students create these inexpensive personalized awards out of paper plates. They’re fun content for the yearbook as well!

The Legends Never Make It – video and discussion: Use this The Green Room professional learning episode at a staff meeting or PD day to encourage lifelong learning.


Daily Words of Wisdom: Reinforce your school’s values by starting or ending the day with an inspirational quote. Share on social media to build awareness in your community!

Judgement – video and discussion: Use Season 1, Episode 1 of The HarborTM by Jostens episode to reinforce the need to think deeply about how we form our own judgements and to look honestly at how our opinions impact others.


Attendance Madness: Create a month-long contest where classes compete against each other for best attendance and win everyone’s favorite reward – a pizza party!

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