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Renaissance Cards


Typically, schools offer a lot of recognition and appreciation for the top 25% of students and a lot of support for the bottom 25%, but the ones in the middle often get taken for granted or left to fend for themselves. Renaissance cards are a great way to recognize the middle 50% as well as motivate them to reach higher.

Based on the concept of the loyalty cards often used by businesses, Renaissance Reward Cards are created by schools and earned by students who demonstrate growth in areas determined by the school. The areas often include, but are not limited to, raising and/or maintaining grades, perfect attendance, and demonstrating good behavior. Once earned, students can use their card to receive rewards like discounts to school events, snacks, school apparel, or a select parking spot.

There are a lot of ways to do it, but there are some common elements in most programs:

  • Levels of membership, based on achievable academic and/or behavior goals
  • A card or sticker identifying each student’s membership level
  • No-cost or low-cost rewards, or perks, depending on membership level
  • Results that show increased numbers of students qualifying, and decreased discipline, tardy and absence rates

Be sure to include students in setting the goals and benefits. Most of the student body needs to value the levels of membership, so that it becomes “cool” to participate and to feel proud about reaching the next level.


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