Thank you so much for your hard work on your Renaissance Back to School Tour stop! Below you will find specific resources to help you as you organize your stop. If you have questions, please email the Renaissance team at [email protected].

Google Doc

This document should be updated as you solidify details. To be clear, it is important that the Reps at the tour stop assign one Yearbook team to record the events of the day (info below). It is also up to the Reps at each stop to find a team to create the tribute video for the surprise recognition. You will put contact info for those teams as well as see how many people have registered for your stop on the google doc.


REGISTRATION REPORT: If you would like to see specifically which schools have registered for your stop visit:

Use [email protected] as your email address.
Password: Jostens16
You will then select “2016 Renaissance Back to School Tour” – Registrants are listed by tour stop.

Video Invite

Here is a link to download the video message from Mike Smith about the Tour:

We have also posted it as an unlisted video on YouTube, so if you would like to send people a link to view it, you can send them here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the school edit the surprise recognition video or does someone from Jostens?
The video that is submitted to us by the school should be fully edited by the school. We will take a look to make sure it will all work during the day, but the recording and editing should be done by people from the school that you have coordinated with.

What equipment do we need to have at the event?
Each stop will need to have computer hookups (they will be using a PC) to speakers and a projector, a screen (or screens) so that everyone can hear and see video and powerpoint presentations, and at least 2 microphones. You should make sure there is an AV person from the venue who to be there the day of the event, just to make sure that everything is working.

Yearbook Press Team

At each tour stop will have a designated school providing journalistic coverage of the event.  It’s a great opportunity for student journalists to put their real world skills into action. These teams of student journalists will be document the day and submit their work to be featured on the Jostens Renaissance website.


Click the image below to download a PDF that you can provide to an adviser at the “press school” to help them understand the expectations:

Student Press Guidelines_Page_1



Student teams can be directed to a page of resources that are provided for them here:


We will have 3 opportunities for the press teams to interview Mike Smith. The interviews will be via Facebook Live so that students can refer back to the videos if they are unable to participate. We’ll have more details on specifics as the dates approach. Mike will be available for interviews on:

  • Friday, August 19th at 4PM CST
  • Thursday, September 15th at 4PM CST
  • Wednesday, October 19th at 5:30PM CST

We think this will be fun for the students and ultimately will be a great way to recognize their good work by sharing it with the rest of the country via our website.

Surprise Recognition

At each tour stop will have a surprise recognition of someone in attendance at the event. This recognition will be a 3 minute or less video tribute that is created before the event by a team from a school about the unsung hero from the school who is a primary example of how one person can improve the climate and culture.


Click the image below to download a PDF guide that was written for you to leave behind with the school that will be creating the video tribute. Note that it will probably be make the most sense for the recipient of the recognition to be someone from the host school.

Renaissance Back to School Tour Surprise Recognition


For the surprise recognition, we are providing some music that should be used in the tribute videos (we have the rights to this music). Recognition teams can choose from any of the files included: – we will also provide this link to the person whose contact info you provide in the google doc.


Here is a rough example of a recognition video that was created for one of this year’s Renaissance Educators of the Year by her school:

Note that the music in the example video is one of the tracks that was provided above. This is a rough example. An example of some things that could be improved in this video if we were to use it for tour: the names and titles for people speaking should be displayed, audio levels for people speaking and music should be adjusted appropriately, and we’d try to avoid the background/bell sounds as much as possible.


When your school contact has finished their recognition video, they can upload it here: – please have them title the video with the event date and city.

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