Whether you use Renaissance Cards to incent students, or simply want to reward academic achievement or character development, Rewards + Relationships are magic. Rewards should be given strategically and purposefully – never without a purpose.


  • 5 points extra credit
  • Allow the cards to be redeemed at the cafeteria for a special treat, such as ice cream.
  • Allow the cards to be redeemed at the athletic event concession stand.
  • Activity pass to all home sporting events
  • Gift cards
  • Discount on Prom Tickets
  • School apparel, such as t-shirts or hats
  • Discounts and prizes from community businesses that have agreed to participate and support your students. Some examples are restaurants, local convenience stores, movie theaters, amusement parks, and sporting goods stores.
  • Free Beverage
  • Free T-shirt (1 per year)
  • Free treat
  • Dollar store trinket
  • Prom ticket
  • Free or discounted yearbook


  • Early lunch
  • Free Restroom Pass
  • Free Tardy to Class
  • Free Pass to Lunch on Friday
  • Teacher’s choice
  • VIP seating at a school event
  • 3 Points Added to a Test Grade
  • Free Hat Day
  • Preferential Parking
  • Late Homework Pass
  • Drop lowest test or quiz score
  • New seat in class
  • Free notes copied from teacher
  • 1% increase at end of quarter
  • Use one 3″x5″ card on test
  • Double credit on an assignment
  • Use book on test
  • Essay exemption
  • Exempt from running in PE
  • Free 5 points on a test grade
  • Admittance to a barbecue or special event
  • Free Study Hour Pass: allow a student to leave class and go to the school’s library for an hour of independent study.
    • The pass must have teacher approval. It is not a get-out-of-class-free pass.
  • Get Out of Homework Free Pass: allow a student to use the pass to get four “homework exemptions.” The passes
    must meet the teacher’s in-class criteria such as not using it for a major assignment, only one pass per subject area,
    not usable on tests.
  • A special lunch line for students with achievement cards.
  • End the Week Early: Allow card-holding students to leave the last class period of the week 10 minutes early.
  • Early Registration: Allow card-holding students to be the first to register for next semester/year classes to ensure
    that they receive the classes they want
  • Free parking or a special parking space
  • Picture posted in the lobby or school office waiting area


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