This past fall Mike Smith, host of The Harbor™ by Jostens, traveled 12,000 miles and spoke to over 25,000 students with The Harbor Back to School Tour. Mike’s message to students was to be inclusive and leave a positive legacy at their school. Some students at Robinson Secondary School in Virginia decided to do just that.“We realized it is possible for us to get to know each other as real people,” explained junior Nam Kim.

With a student body of 4,000, the Student Government Association decided it was time to learn more about their classmates. They noticed that the highlights of their sports teams were being played to the whole student body in the mornings, creating more school spirit and higher attendance at their events. This sparked the idea to create Rams Get Real, a video series highlighting stories from their student body. In the same way the sports highlights allow students to get to know the sports teams better, Rams Get Real is designed to have the student body get to know other students, and their stories, better. See their call to action below:



Robinson Secondary School plans on showing two “episodes” per month, and videos from the student body have already started coming in with varying topics. From a 9th grader’s message of hope after losing her mother to breast cancer, to students talking about their personal struggles with anxiety and depression, to a message of the importance of service and charity, the goal of the videos is to get students to know and inspire each other by sharing their stories.

The Harbor Back to School Tour and The Harbor ™ by Jostens are designed to inspire students to make a change in the culture of their schools. We want to hear and share your stories of students that are making a difference. Send them to [email protected] today.

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