stomp clap snap icebreaker

Minute to Pitch It: Stomp, Clap, Snap

Ice Breakers are excellent tools for creating connections and traditions. Stomp, Clap, Snap is an easy one to try in your school community! Leadership consultant Frank Rudnesky explains this favorite in just one minute!

School Type: Middle school, high school (6-12)

Activity Goal: Build relationships

Timing: Rallies or anytime you need an icebreaker


Submitted by: Frank Rudnesky



  1. Create two teams with any number of players.
  2. Instruct players to line up and face each other.
  3. Starting at on end, the first person stomps their foot.
  4. This continues down the line until the last person stomps.
  5. The last person, then claps their hands.
  6. This continues up the line until the first person claps.
  7. The first person then snaps their fingers.
  8. This continues down the line until the last person snaps.
  9. Line that finishes first, wins!

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