Part of the Virtual Culture and Climate Series – Spring 2020

Ideas contributed by the Jostens Renaissance educator community and shared in a Facebook Live presentation on March 30, 2020. (Photos from Dr. Brad Hubbard in Illinois.)


JW Wiseman Elementary in Portland, TN

• Morning pledge and Repeat After Me exercise on daily announcements
• Teachers posting videos online to their students of what they are doing while away from school and issuing a challenge to all students
• House points from challenges that can be completed at home; parents to post picture or send email of completion proof

Melissa Wright in New Brunswick, Canada

• Virtual Spirit Week
• Private Facebook Groups for Staff
• Check In Calls with Advisory Students
• Crusader Coffee Hour

Paul Dols in California

• Zoom with students – high school and elementary – also used it for a birthday greeting
• Flipgrid with staff once per week with check-in topics like “Share 1 win, 1 wish, and 1 worry”
• Three Minute Thursdays being shared on social media – leadership lesson in three minutes

Tommy Long in Pennsylvania

• Utilizing school app
• That app has a fan cam where they have been posting pictures and events

Eric Lillis in Arizona

• Staff has divided the entire student body and are making phone contacts to check in with every kid in the school

Tina Dietrich in New Jersey

• Still do morning announcements
• Implementing a Virtual Check-In – How do you feel? What do you need?
• Still doing student of the month
• Mascot hunt

Sara Cowey in California

• Staffulty coffee talk and happy hour
• Dance challenge – compile submissions, share with everyone

Dr. Brad Hubbard in Illinois

• Sends out a weekly check-in form to staff and student to gather needs
• Teachers and counselors taking lead on student contacts

Jenny Bernardini from New Jersey

• Virtual morning announcements
• Trying to organize a virtual rally

Del City High School in Oklahoma

• “News from the Nest” daily video recordings of encouragement from staffulty members

Marnie Hade in Michigan

• Group email for each of her classes
• Use Remind, Twitter, and Email
• Group text for hallway teachers
• Choir teacher organizing virtual group dance party – first one was for staff, next one for kids
• Compiled Spotify playlist of upbeat songs to share with students
• She also shared school nurse PPE with local hospital

Dr. Darrin Peppard in Colorado

• Local hospital in need of PPE so his school donated their chemistry splash goggles
• Talking with local healthcare facilities about how his 3D printers can assist in other PPE device creation
• PE sends out a joke of the day – he chooses from jokes submitted by students.

Bixby High School in Oklahoma

• Writing encouraging notes from students from to students being attached on lunch bags during food distribution

Bradlee Skinner in Wyoming

• Virtual trivia and game nights on Facebook

Maria Fernandez in New Jersey

• Positivity and Productivity Check-In every Tuesday and Thursday
• Highs and Lows
• Wear your Favorite ______

Dan Reichard in Virginia

• Daily YouTube live for his students
• Sent letters to students last week

Dr. Michele CarneyRay-Yoder in New Jersey

• Police-escorted teacher car parade – route and timing pre-announced – families made signs and decorated driveways with chalk

Indio High School in California

• Daily Happy Birthday announcements

Fitch High School in Connecticut

• Virtual Lip Sync Battle using their school’s theater department’s Instagram page
• Creating TikTok on yearbook account to continue their cover reveal activities for this year’s yearbook

Tricia Phelps in Ohio

• Students maintaining Instagram page posting daily positive messages

Rosemount Elementary in Minnesota

• Every staff and faculty member recorded a video from their home, school compiled them and sent them to all the families via email. Our son spent 20 minutes watching it, smiling, pointing at the screen. Every teacher said how much they missed the kids.


  • Family video chats and mailing letters and cards
  • Heart Hunters
  • Painted Rocks
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Sharing Stickers like buttons at CTSO competitions
  • Yearbook Challenge

How is your school connecting during this time of social distancing? Email your story to [email protected].


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