Virtual Back-to-School Night

Walker Junior High School in La Palma, CA

From Jennifer Sasai, Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame Member

Here is the Google Site I created for our “Virtual Back-to-School Night.”

First, I made videos using Screencastify to show teachers how to create a Google Meet and how to access it during the evening. Some teachers, since technology is new to them, enjoyed my videos that walked them through how to set it up.

Then I had each teacher send me their bitmoji and link to their Google Meet. (You can use zoom or whatever “live” stream your school uses). I created buttons underneath each teacher’s bitmoji, so that families could click on the live link at the right time.

We are a junior high school, so students attend seven classes. We had a schedule for families to go to each “period” according to their student’s schedule.

Then, the next morning, I converted all the live Google Meets to teacher slideshows or videos. Families that missed the evening (there were many elementary schools that had their Back-to-School Night the same night) could view them later.

We will leave the slideshows/videos up for families to view at any time. I also set up analytics so we could see how many times the site was viewed and where they were viewed from. Families commented that they enjoyed the evening, and we had some visitors from the Netherlands and Germany.




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