“Never miss an opportunity to say a word of congratulation upon anyone’s achievement…”

-President Lyndon B. Johnson

Did you know Jostens Renaissance® Education has been around for 27 years? Dr. Larry Biddle was an assistant principal at Conway High School in Conway, South Carolina when he wanted to find a way to motivate his freshman class to be amazing and to earn more scholarship dollars than any class before them. This led Dr. Biddle to create a program that was designed around the idea that “the actions we respect, we will recognize; we will reward that which we value and reinforce its existence by continuing to repeat the process of recognition for optimal results.”

Mike Carroll, the Jostens representative in the area, wanted to help spread the successes of this program to other area schools, so he worked with Dr. Biddle, and Jostens Renaissance Education was born in 1988.

Renaissance has evolved over the years- not in its foundational core, but in the way it’s presented and its overall reach. Today, schools across North America are proud to call themselves “Renaissance Schools”. Their pride stems from improvements in GPA, increased attendance, growing graduation rates, and an electric school spirit. And so, we welcome you to the newest iteration of decades of amazing work done by educators and students.

To any educator or student who is interested in sharing in the success of Renaissance, we designed this site for you- Whether you are a long-time Renaissance coordinator at your school or someone looking to begin the journey of Jostens Renaissance.

We hope you like the new site and have a look around. Our goals are to help you connect to other schools with your best Renaissance ideas, to help you with character development in your classrooms with our engaging episodes of The Harbor, and to help you celebrate all of the moments that matter.

We would love your feedback. If you think we can improve on anything you find here, or want to tell us what you like, shoot us an email at: [email protected]

Here are some highlights from the new site we are especially excited about:

The Harbor

The Harbor is a free educational video series focused on student character development. Featuring renowned youth motivational speaker Mike Smith, each episode addresses issues and opportunities that teens face daily. The Harbor is designed for the classroom with weekly episodes throughout the school year and downloadable critical thinking guides to foster student-led discussion.

Idea Exchange

The Idea Exchange contains activities and ideas to build school climate and culture that were submitted by schools just like yours from all over the country. Take a look around and download some step-by-step guides to implement in your school. Then, submit your own ideas for other schools to try!

Jostens Renaissance National Conference

Another way to make connections, as well as celebrate the year’s achievements and listen to some great speakers that will help you focus on building character is by coming to the Jostens Renaissance National Conference. The JRNC is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings all educational stakeholders together with the sole focus of creating a positive school climate and culture. This amazing three-day conference is the embodiment of everything Jostens Renaissance Education has to offer.

Featured Stories

The section you are currently reading is our Featured Stories of Renaissance in Action. This portion of the website will highlight the ideals of Jostens Renaissance Education from various sources. From experts whose research directly supports the effectiveness of Renaissance practices to Renaissance Schools sharing their real-world successes, our Featured Stories will be another great resource for climate and culture.

Finally, if you are just getting acquainted with Jostens Renaissance, click here to learn more.


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