It’s THE party of the year — in the most meaningful way! This academic pep rally genuinely connects with students, and you can see it in their posts about it on social media. Students and educators look forward to the rally because of how it brings the school together for lights, music, games, applause, laughter and recognition. All of those things are important to a Renaissance Rally, but the element that really sets it apart is the recognition.

Unlike a typical pep rally, which might focus on sports teams or elite scholars, a Renaissance Rally is specifically designed to celebrate a broad number of students for academics and character, along with the Staffulty that helped make those achievements happen. Shining the spotlight on these important achievements that may have normally gone unnoticed creates very memorable moments and school pride. It also motivates students to do the right things so that they can be a part of the high energy acknowledgment that the Rally provides.


At many schools, the concept of providing such high-energy recognition of academics and character is foreign to students. The Renaissance Rally presents you with an exciting opportunity to show them just how much academics and character matter and are appreciated. When planning your rally, you need to carefully think through each of the important components outlined below, but don’t be intimidated. Renaissance Rallies don’t need to be complicated. The tips and planning documents below should help.


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