What is Renaissance Education? 

Renaissance is a suite of resources and events that help teachers love their job and students thrive in school. It is a customizable framework focused on culture and climate

Renaissance Honor Roll

While schools can simply toe-dip into Renaissance or jump fully into the pool, many focus their culture and climate efforts to impact specific measurable facets of student performance.


While typically seen at the tail end of The Results Formula™, Results often drive Renaissance activities, whether the goal is teacher morale, academic achievement, character or climate & culture.


The very first R of Renaissance – Learn how identifying your school’s values is the first, crucial step in fostering a positive school culture and climate.


Jostens Renaissance schools recognize students’ hard work in various forms, ultimately improving their learning environment.


When it comes to determining the most effective approach to driving student success, rewards can get a bad name. We disagree.


Find out how Jostens Renaissance helps you transform your school culture with positive reinforcement in the classroom and beyond.


Jostens Renaissance helps schools leverage their values to build positive relationships with students, staff and faculty.

My Renaissance Story: Dr. Phil Campbell

My journey with Jostens Renaissance didn’t begin with a desire to change lives. In fact, I didn’t even feel passionate about teaching.

My Renaissance Story: Rhett Ladner

Rhett Ladner became a teacher because of a desire to coach sports, but Jostens Renaissance gave him what he needed to lead a district with conviction.

My Renaissance Story: John Roh

John Roh enjoyed his job and felt strongly about his mission as an educator, then as an administrator, at a Hudsonville (MI) High School.

My Renaissance Story: Dustin Horras

For more than 26 years as an educator and principal, Dustin Horras has lived by a simple yet profound mantra that continues to drive him every day.

My Renaissance Story: Bradlee and Melissa Skinner

Back in 2013, Bradlee and Melissa Skinner were facing an uncertain future. Education was their shared passion. But after more than a decade in the field, they were struggling with teacher burnout. Thankfully, that’s where this story starts, not ends. With the support of former students, open hearts and a touch of Jostens Renaissance magic, their world began to change.

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