gold star project

Gold Stars for Staffulty Project

Invite students to write anonymous messages on gold stars to teachers and staff and secretly hang the star in that Staffulty (staff + faculty) member’s work space.

School Type: Middle school, High school

Activity Goal: Staffulty Recognition and Teacher Appreciation

Prep Time: One week

People Required: Renaissance advisor and students

Space Required: One table

Timing: Lunch periods

Materials: 6 inch Gold Star Bulletin Board Decorations, permanent markers that can write on the foil stars, painters tape, folding table, folding chairs, a poster

Cost: $16 per pack of 48 stars

Submitted by: Norte Vista High School, CA



  1. Gather or purchase stars, markers and tape.
  2. Have students make a poster advertising your Gold Stars Recognition Project.
    • Go big! Advertise what you are doing on school announcements or school news.
  3. Assign two students to work the table during each lunch period.
    • Have the students practice explaining the project to others (they will be doing this a lot at their table time).
  4. Set up the table and folding chairs, and a poster to identify the project.
  5. Place the gold stars for teachers and staff all over the table so students can grab one and a pen and write their notes (make sure markers don’t walk away).
  6. Have another student pass out pre-cut pieces of tape and show students how to place tape on the back of the star.
  7. Tell the students who filled out gold stars for teachers and staff to go place them on their recipients’ desks, doors and various workspaces.
  8. Watch your campus start to get covered in Gold Stars and Staffulty feel seen, heard, and loved.


Gold Stars Gold Stars Gold Stars

This small, tangible, and visible recognition can impact Staffulty in a meaningful way! We had one teacher who was so burnt out this year that she applied for early Retirement and just sent in their letter of resignation.  When her door filled up with gold stars with all the messages of appreciation, she went down to the district office and demanded that they rescind her letter of resignation because she had ‘found her why’ again.  We have been told other teachers became pretty emotional in department meetings because they truly felt appreciated during these hard COVID times.  Something as simple as a gold star with a note taped on the door made a huge difference to a lot of our staff this year.

Richard Dean, Educator, Norte Vista High School



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