This month’s National Renaissance Student of the Month is Gracie Price from Brazoswood High School, TX. Nominator Rita Pintavalle writes:

Gracie is our Student Body President, a Varsity golfer and a strong leader. She serves on multiple committees for the campus and the district where she ensures the student perspective has a voice. Gracie worked diligently with all clubs and organizations this year to have a community carnival. It was her dream to have an event where everyone had representation, were able to use it as a fundraiser for their group, and provide community outreach. Her positivity and inclusivity is what makes events like this a huge success. She helps lead our Renaissance committee to build a positive campus culture of Buccaneer Pride through thoughtful planning and consensus. One of her favorite quotes is ‘Use kindness like confetti, sprinkle it everywhere.’

How long have you been involved with Renaissance?

I have been involved in Renaissance all four years of high school.

What’s a favorite Renaissance moment for you?

My favorite Renaissance moment was whenever I got to go to [JRGC] in 2022. My peers and I got to present how our school implements culture and pride with our students and Staffulty. Going to Disney during the conference was a time I will never forget!

How has Renaissance impacted your school’s culture?

Renaissance has impacted my schools culture by giving everyone a chance to shine and participate. Our levels of participation and overall pride goes up every year because of the Renaissance Program.

How has Renaissance affected you personally?

Renaissance has affected me personally by letting me bring new ideas to life that gets our community and school involved together like Brazoswood’s First Annual Carnival that took place this past January.

What advice would you give to someone just starting with Renaissance?

Advice I would give to someone just starting with Renaissance is do not be afraid to put yourself out there! Renaissance is here to help and support everyone to shine as bright as they can. If you have ideas to help improve your school’s culture, do not be afraid to try and make it happen! Everyone deserves to shine, including you!

Gracie will receive a water bottle and a decal in recognition of her achievement.

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