gratitude wall

Gratitude Wall

A celebration of the people in your school

At Rock Hill High School, TX, a wooden box sits on a prominent round table in the middle of the cafeteria. The purpose is to encourage students and Staffulty to not only notice the positive impact that people around them are making, but to recognize them.

The school stocks index-sized cards and pens next to the mailbox so that people can easily write a quick note and put it in the mailbox


Each week, the principal reads the cards out loud as part of morning announcements. Once each month, new cards are stapled to a bulletin board in the hall for all to read. This easy activity makes a real difference in the culture and climate, not to mention relationships, in the school.

Zoom in on a few of the YOU ROCK! messages above and you’ll see notes celebrating all sorts of people and accomplishments, like these:

To: Mrs. Rafiee – SO PUMPED to have you inspiring our young mathematicians. Welcome to the Hill! From, Kelsey A

To: BSU and GRL ON FIRE officers! – I love you guys so much! I know things get hard, but we always pull through – than you for all your hard work. From, Joella

To: Charlie Nichols – Hope you had a great 1st week. Love, Caroline

To Alexa: Your skills motivate and inspire me to be a better passer. From, Julia




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