Harbor Homerooms

Harbor Homeroom can support SEL and help you discover more student leaders on your campus than you ever imagined.

School type: High School

Activity goal: Implement school-wide discussions about character development and SEL topics using student leaders as facilitators

Prep time: 30 minutes per Harbor Homeroom

People required: Two student leaders assigned to each homeroom

Timing: Homeroom, Focus, or another time when all students are in the same class

Materials: The Harbor Videos and Discussion Guides

Cost: $0

Submitted by:  La Salle-Peru Township High School


  1. Select a day for Harbor Homeroom and explain the concept to staffulty at a staff meeting prior to the big day
  2. Find appropriate video by searching The Harbor by Jostens library by keyword or season
  3. View video with student leaders and review discussion guide
  4. Coach student leaders on presenting the topic and leading discussions
  5. Have student leaders roleplay in front of the group so they feel comfortable presenting when they visit homerooms
  6. Assign specific homerooms to each pair of student leaders
  7. Regroup after Harbor Homeroom to debrief on how it went



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