Honorary Diploma Activity

Honorary Diploma

Allow graduating seniors to gift an honorary diploma to any teacher or staff member throughout their school experience who has made an impact and helped them graduate.


School Type: High School

Activity Goal: Recognize Staffulty who have contributed to the success of graduating seniors

Prep Time: 15 minutes

People Required: Staffulty to create diplomas and coordinate with senior and Staffulty schedules of the presentation

Timing: Spring of students’ senior year

Materials: Honorary Diploma Certificates (download and print here or purchase here) and students’ cap and gown

Submitted By: Greenbrier High School, TN


INSTRUCTIONS FOR GIVING HONORARY DIPLOMAS:honorary diploma high school activity

  1. Choose a day for seniors to honor Staffulty by presenting an Honorary Diploma.
    • Don’t limit the recognition to the Staffulty only on your campus – consider booking school busses or other transportation so students can choose Staffulty at their middle and elementary schools in the district.
  2. Create a form for seniors to fill out to help you facilitate the day. The form should explain the tradition and guidelines, as well as provide a space for the Staffulty member’s name, school and what the student intends to say to them during presentations. Emphasize that the Honorary Diploma is a special, public recognition for ANY impactful adult who works in your school community!
  3. Have students fill out the Honorary Diploma.
    • Download and print this blank Honorary Diploma.
    • Download, type recipient’s names, and print this Honorary Diploma.
    • Purchase Honorary Diplomas from the RenStore.
    • If desired, students can also write a letter detailing the Staffulty member’s impact.
    • You may want to collect recognition items and give them back to students on the day of giving Honorary Diplomas.
  4. On the day of your presentations, students will go to the recipient’s classroom or work area to deliver their diploma and read their letter.



  • Ask the principal to follow up with a note to the Staffulty member, congratulating them and thanking them for making a difference to the senior and others.
  • Involve your yearbook photographers so the photos can be included in the yearbook, and even posted on social media for the greater school community to express their gratitude to Staffulty.



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