Jen Kane


This month’s National Renaissance Staffulty of the Month is Jen Kane from Ottawa High School in Kansas. Nominator Kelly Whittaker writes:

Mrs. Kane has been a vital part of our school community, and her contributions have significantly enriched the experiences of both students and Staffulty. Her unwavering dedication to fostering a positive school culture and creating an environment where all individuals feel valued and supported is truly commendable. Mrs. Kane goes above and beyond to engage with students on a personal level. Her approachability, active listening, and genuine interest in students’ well-being have profoundly impacted our school community. Mrs. Kane also consistently takes the initiative to lead or participate in projects that enhance our school’s culture. She has been instrumental in organizing events and initiatives promoting positive behavior, academic excellence, and student personal growth. Mrs. Kane encourages our students to take the lead and fosters and encourages their ideas! Mrs. Kane and her Renaissance Core Council have brought back and implemented many new ideas from JRGC, such as Random Knocks and Staffulty of the Week recognition!  Mrs. Kane consistently maintains a positive and uplifting attitude. She is the epitome of Cyclone Pride!

How long have you been involved with Renaissance?

This is my ninth year as the Renaissance Sponsor at Ottawa High School

What’s a favorite Renaissance moment for you?

How do you pick just one?! One of my favorite moments was definitely JRGC 2023 in Dallas, watching a group of my Core Council students do an AMAZING job presenting a student perspective session to a packed room!

How has Renaissance impacted your school’s culture?

Renaissance has impacted our school’s culture by increasing positivity and participation among students and Staffulty. It has helped to engage our entire school community, helping them to understand that we are truly one big Cyclone family.

How has Renaissance affected you personally?

The Renaissance family is what has kept me going through some of my most difficult years in education. When things get hard, they are a source of support, positivity, and fresh ideas. It has also continued to challenge me to be a better educator and to look at everything, in and out of my classroom, through a lens of how can every individual be a part of this and how is every individual be seeing, heard, and loved?

What advice would you give to someone just starting with Renaissance?

Nike’s got it: Just do it! Jump in and just do something. Pick one idea from the Idea Exchange and try it in your school. Don’t be afraid to just try one thing and don’t be afraid to reach out to any other Renaissance educators.

Jen will receive a tote bag and a lapel pin in recognition of her achievement.

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