This month’s National Renaissance Student of the Month is Jesus Dominguez from West Grand High School in Kremmling, Colorado. His nominator Cori Kassib writes, “Jesus Dominguez is the face of Renaissance at West Grand High School. His charisma and passion for improving school culture and climate is contagious. Jesus is the first one to go out on a limb, even when that limb may not be strong. He is the kind of kid that says Hi to every other kid, not just kids he is friends with. Jesus isn’t afraid of change and attacks problems with courage and resilience. Jesus is a leader, verbally, physically, socially, and emotionally. No mountain is too high for this Colorado kid!”

How long have you been involved with Renaissance?

I have been directly involved with Renaissance since the spring of my freshman year. My principal invited me to a meeting through email and I later found out I was to go to JRNC in Florida, I was so excited!

What’s a favorite Renaissance moment for you?
Undoubtedly, the first memory that pops in my head about my “favorite” Renaissance moment is the whole JRNC experience. However, one that sticks out above all other memories was at the beginning of this current school year when we threw together a staffulty rally. Our Renaissance group led the rally and everyone loved it.

How has Renaissance impacted your school’s culture?
Our school has been a Renaissance school for almost two full years. From what I hear, the first year was a growing and learning year, but just over the past year I can definitely see the change. Our rallies are now unmatched whereas during my freshman year they were very limited in participation and “hype.” I am confident in saying that the Renaissance impact has been the reason we want to come to school.

How has Renaissance affected you personally?
Before Renaissance I was already a pretty extroverted and goofy kid, but would shy away from social situations whenever I didn’t feel like the “coolest” kid. At rallies I wouldn’t be involved until I knew the seniors weren’t looking my way. Renaissance has changed my views drastically, now I am so confident in myself that I feel ready to spread confidence on the rest of our student body. Also, Renaissance has bred the true leader in me that I knew I had inside and broken the idea of “coolness.”

What advice would you give to someone just starting with Renaissance?
Just do it! In all honesty, no one is actually judging your scream and positivity and if they are SO WHAT? Thinking twice before being involved in a rally or telling someone that you’ve never spoken that their hair looks good will be your biggest enemy. Find your why and your purpose and do it for that, nothing else.


Jesus will receive a shirt and a lapel pin, and was entered into a drawing for free registration to this year’s Jostens Renaissance National Conference.

To nominate someone in your school for the National Renaissance Student of the Month honor, click here.

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