This month’s National Renaissance Student of the Month is Lauren Klein from LaSalle-Peru High School in LaSalle, Illinois. Her nominator Andrea Henry writes (lightly edited):

“As a sophomore at LaSalle-Peru High School, Lauren has emerged as one of our leaders. Putting into practice all that she has learned at the Jostens Renaissance National Conference, Lauren is an individual who leads by example. She shows off her signature on the C2G banner and models her class ring. She took on a large role at our most recent Renaissance Academic Rally by leading the games section, making sure the games were organized and materials were placed on stage, then modeling how to play each game in front of the entire school, then acting as referee. She nominated our most recent staffulty Tireless award winner and organized a small Academic Rally to announce our winner and award the teacher onstage. She created personalized “Welcome to LP” locker signs for all of our incoming freshmen to make a large high school feel less daunting. During the fall, Lauren passionately spoke about Renaissance and some of our incentives to hundreds of her peers at our school’s handbook assembly. She also takes photos for our club and helps us keep our social media up to date.

Through her actions, Lauren is able to reinforce Renaissance ideals in her daily life. Being a Renaissance leader, she embodies a number of character traits that many strive to attain throughout their lives. She is kind, giving, and inclusive, donating her time to causes such as the Special Olympics Polar Plunge. Lauren is an exceptionally well-rounded young person, earning top grades while balancing being a student athlete and Renaissance leader. Currently, she is the youngest member of our Renaissance Leadership Team, a team reserved for those who go the extra mile and lead by example.”

What’s a favorite Renaissance moment for you?
A favorite Renaissance moment for me would be speaking in front of my class (sophomores) in our “back to school” assembly. I spoke on Renaissance, explaining what it is for those who don’t know and encouraging many to join us. It is a favorite moment for me because it truly showed me how much Renaissance has changed me. Merely 2 months earlier I would have never been able to speak in front of all those people. That presentation to my class, friends, and peers of around 300 kids has given me the confidence to be able to speak in front of anyone… all because of Renaissance.

How has Renaissance impacted your school’s culture?
Renaissance has had a great impact on LPHS school culture and climate. Renaissance is the heart of LPHS and lays the foundation for many other things. Statistically proven, grades and attendance have increased, and discipline referrals have decreased since Renaissance was implemented at LPHS. The students look forward to many of our Renaissance activities throughout the year.

How has Renaissance affected you personally?
Renaissance has had a huge affect on me personally. It has made me a leader, more outgoing, and has inspired me to make a change. Renaissance has brought out the creative side in me, and helped me break out of my shell. I want to make a difference in school and out of school and Renaissance has motivated me to do so.

What advice would you give to someone just starting with Renaissance?
Start small, try everything, and never give up. Even if something doesn’t work out the first time, or the way you expected it to, keep at it. You will reach your goal and Renaissance will grow with each year you stay with it. Just take it day by day and when you feel overwhelmed, don’t forget to smile and have fun with it.

Lauren will receive a shirt and a lapel pin, and was entered into a drawing for free registration to this year’s Jostens Renaissance National Conference.

To nominate someone in your school for the National Renaissance Student of the Month honor, click here.

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