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This month’s National Renaissance Student of the Month is Maysen Victory from Kingman Academy of Learning High School in Arizona. Nominator Erin Schreurs writes:

Maysen has been one of our captains for our Renaissance crew for the last two years and a part of the Renaissance program since middle school.  She is one of the most involved and engaged students at our school.  And through every activity, event, and project, she is constantly living out the goal of Renaissance.  Everyone she meets in the hallway is greeted with a big smile and asked how things are going.  Maysen doesn’t just ask students to help, she gets to know them and finds a way for them to be involved based on their interests or skills.  She encourages freshmen to take on leadership roles and volunteers at the middle school to gets those students excited about being at our school and to join Renaissance.  In addition to building all of the relationship with students and Staffulty, Maysen has been a driving force behind every rally, service project, fundraiser, recognition, or other activity we do as a group, even if she is not the leader of that activity.  She always, always, always shows up for not just our events, but all types of events at our school, and cheers on every club, sport, and activity.  Maysen is a bubbly ball of joy, and she lives out our mission of making every student and Staffulty member feel important, valued, and welcomed. Our Renaissance team has been so successful because of students with the drive and passion that Maysen has for meeting our goals.

How long have you been involved with Renaissance?

Seven years.

What’s a favorite Renaissance moment for you?

My favorite Renaissance moments have been attending JRGC (The Jostens Renaissance Global Conference) for the past two years and being voted Renaissance Captain for the last two years as well. I love all the connections I’ve been able to make and all the immense growth I’ve been able to undergo!

How has Renaissance impacted your school’s culture?

Renaissance has impacted my school’s culture in so many ways! Seeing the hallways change, and the student be excited to be at school has made all the difference! We have students who want to participate in rallies – students who otherwise would hide in the shadows! I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been able to share with others!

How has Renaissance affected you personally?

Renaissance has shown me how to rise above the crowd when it’s needed most! Ren has helped break me out of my shell and grown me as a leader. I have been able to learn how to lead with a passion that makes others want to get involved! Renaissance has made me who I am today!

What advice would you give to someone just starting with Renaissance?

My advice to anyone just starting out Renaissance is to not give up when the going gets tough. The most difficult thing to deal with is feeling like you are alone while trying to lead your school to success, but in all reality you have a crazy built in support system through Jostens that will forever and always be your biggest supporter! And don’t forget it’s okay to need help, we all need some help even if we don’t want to acknowledge it.

Maysen will receive a water bottle and a sticker in recognition of her achievement.

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