school movie night

Movie Night

Help your students celebrate the end of the semester or school year with a movie night at school!

School type: Elementary School, Middle School, High School (K – 12)

Activity goal: Boost Climate and Culture

Prep Time: Two months

People Required: Student committee and adult chaperones

Space Required: Green space, auditorium or gym

Timing: End of school year or semester

Materials: Large screen, projector, movie player, and snacks like popcorn, soda, candy, hot dogs, etc.

Cost: $200, depending on equipment and food purchases

Submitted by: LaSalle-Peru High School, IL



  1. Get needed approval for your movie night event and reserve the needed space (outdoor or indoor).
    • If your movie is outdoors, rent a screen and projector.
  2. Create a student committee to organize event logistics.
    • Decide if this is a reward for the student body, or if this is a fundraiser. Many schools charge admission.
    • Assign a different task to students to help oversee: creating the survey, marketing, concessions, box office.
  3. Create a Google Form/Survey with a list of possible movies chosen by your student committee, and send to the student body to choose the movie. The more student voice is included, the more students will show up!
  4. Tally votes and secure movie.
  5. Buy food items and get anything needed to serve it at the event.
  6. At the event: welcome students, serve food, and have fun watching the movie!


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