No senior slide is happening on your watch! Use one or more of these activities to help keep everyone’s eyes on the prize. Post personalized notes of encouragement from Staffulty to students with Test Day Desk Messages. One small message can leave a lasting impression!

Then, share some gratitude with Honorary Diploma — a classic Renaissance Culture Challenge. Have your graduating seniors present an Honorary Diploma to a Staffulty member who has had an impact on their life, reminding them of the difference they made. (Some schools bus students to their elementary or middle school!)

See more details about April activities by clicking the title of each idea below.

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Test Day Desk Messages: Reinforce Staffulty support of student success by encouraging teachers to write quick personalized notes on the “Work is Worth It” Post-itTM Notes available on the Ren Store.


Frivolous Fun Scavenger Hunt: Reinforce a culture of joy by creating a scavenger hunt in which students search for designated items, like dollar store dinosaurs, around campus. Sometimes it’s good just to have some frivolous fun.



How to Be a Game Changer – video and discussion: Use this The Green Room professional learning episode at a staff meeting or PD day to inspire your team to be open to fresh initiatives and to think creatively about how they work.

Honorary Diploma: Recognize Staffulty who made a difference to graduating seniors by having the senior present a certificate to them while dressed in their cap and gown. This touching tradition is a Renaissance favorite.

This activity has been selected as part of the Culture Challenge. Do it, enter the sweepstakes, and you could win $500 for culture and climate activities at your school!


On the Spot Awards: Recognize students in the moment for actions showing good character qualities by giving them this award. Then publicly recognize On The Spot recipients at a rally or event. Available in the Ren Store.

Finishing Strong – video and discussion: Use Season 2, Episode 23 of The HarborTM by Jostens episode to reinforce the opportunity that the end of the school year offers to make an impact.


Wall of Fame: Recognize students with achievements in designated areas (i.e. a minimum ACT score, 4 or higher on the ACT or AP exam, or National Merit Finalist) with a post on a bulletin board and social media.


All schools who do one Monthly Playbook activity for each month of the school year and track their school culture and climate efforts are eligible to be a Jostens Renaissance School of Distinction.

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