No senior slide is happening on your watch! Use one or more of these activities, plus the relationship-builder, to help keep everyone’s eyes on the prize!

See more details about this month’s activities by clicking the title of each idea below!


Test Day Desk Messages: Reinforce Staffulty support of student success by encouraging teachers to write quick personalized notes on the “Work is Worth It” Post-itTM Notes available on the Ren Store.


Frivolous Fun Scavenger Hunt: Reinforce a culture of joy by creating a scavenger hunt in which students search for designated items, like dollar store dinosaurs, around campus. Sometimes it’s good just to have some frivolous fun.



Honorary Diploma: Recognize Staffulty who made a difference to graduating seniors by having the senior present a certificate to them while dressed in their cap and gown. This touching tradition is a Renaissance favorite.

How to Be a Game Changer – video and discussion: Use this The Green Room professional learning episode at a staff meeting or PD day to inspire your team to be open to fresh initiatives and to think creatively about how they work.


On the Spot Awards: Recognize students in the moment for actions showing good character qualities by giving them this award. Then publicly recognize On The Spot recipients at a rally or event. Available in the Ren Store.

Finishing Strong – video and discussion: Use Season 2, Episode 23 of The HarborTM by Jostens episode to reinforce the opportunity that the end of the school year offers to make an impact.


Wall of Fame: Recognize students with achievements in designated areas (i.e. a minimum ACT score, 4 or higher on the ACT or AP exam, or National Merit Finalist) with a post on a bulletin board and social media.

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