Send people into Thanksgiving break with an appreciation for the people around them by doing one or two of the activities below, plus the relationship-builder.

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Curbside Coffee: Reward bus drivers for doing the critically important job of getting students to school. As the first and the last impression of the day, bus drivers booked end your school culture. Celebrate them with a surprise cup of coffee!


Gratitude Wall: Recognize members of your school community by encouraging them to submit gratitude notes. Then, you can display those notes publicly and even read them during daily announcements.



Thankful Thursday: Recognize Staffulty for their impact on students through demonstrations of gratitude. These can be short gratitude videos, decorated doors, personal notes on Starfish Notecards (available in the Ren Store) or anything else that lets Staffulty know they’re appreciated.

Reaching At-Risk Youth– video and discussion: Use this The Green Room professional learning episode at a staff meeting or PD day to generate ideas for connecting with all students within your school.


Community Service: Reinforce the values of gratitude and giving by using the Community Service lesson from the Renaissance Leadership Curriculum. This lesson helps students identify and evaluate local opportunities for meaningful service projects.​ 

Gratitude —video and discussion: Use Season 5, Episode 5 of The HarborTM by Jostens episode to reinforce a culture of gratitude, which fosters an atmosphere in which everyone feels more valued and connected.


Honors Café: Reward students for meeting academic goals with a special dining experience.  This could be more involved, like teacher’s serving students at a banquet, or something as simple as a celebratory pizza party!


All schools who do one Monthly Playbook activity for each month of the school year and track their school culture and climate efforts are eligible to be a Jostens Renaissance School of Distinction.

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