“On the Spot Awards” Recognition Discs

Provide personal and public recognition of qualities you want to encourage in students by passing out these small awards to students “on the spot.”

School Type: Elementary school, middle school, high school

Activity Goal: Recognize students

Prep Time: Shipping

People Required: Staffulty participation

Timing: Give out anytime, and recognize all recipients during Renaissance Rallies

Materials: On the Spot Awards on the Renaissance Store

Cost: $10/75 Discs

Submitted by: Jostens Renaissance EducationOn the Spot Awards




  1. Purchase a set of Jostens Renaissance On-the-Spot Awards.
  2. Speak with rally planners to ensure a time slot and microphone for recognizing students.
  3. Distribute discs to staff members and instruct them to “catch students doing something right” by praising them, giving them a disc, and then ask students to bring the disc to the rally.
  4. At the rally, ask everyone who received one to come to the stage.
  5. Have students come across the stage one by one and say their name so everyone can CHEER!



  • Remind Staffulty to recognize a variety of students, so it isn’t just the same students who are always being recognized for academic or athletic success – this is a great way to recognize character or anything you want to see more of on your campus! This can be as simple as a student throwing away their trash!
  • Students could “redeem” these for a reward or privilege.
  • If you want to make these more individualized, write notes of recognition on the back of the award disc.
  • Take pictures of students with their award and have them tell a little of their story. Then share them on the school’s social media account, as a way of building community.
On the Spot Awards

Photo Description: Examples of the five awards found in each pack of On the Spot Awards Recognition Discs. Titles are: Helping Hand Award, Go-Getter Award, High Five Award, A+ Attitude Award, Simple Acts of Kindness.



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