This month’s National Renaissance Student of the Month is Sydnie Ailey from Powell High School in Powell, Tennessee. Her nominator Beth Mooney writes, “Even though she transferred into Powell halfway through her sophomore year, she immediately wanted to be involved in creating a welcoming environment where all students felt accepted and loved. Sydnie is a student that everyone notices. Her smile and friendly greeting warms your heart and makes you feel welcome. In Leadership class she always had a positive attitude and brought new ideas to create that welcoming environment in the school. Sydnie notices everyone and values them, which makes her an excellent leader.”

How long have you been involved with Renaissance?

I have been involved in Renaissance for three semesters (a year and a half).

What’s a favorite Renaissance moment for you?
My favorite Renaissance moment for me was when we did “Winter Wishes” which is when the Renaissance team wraps and then delivers a gift for every student. This was my favorite moment because I was able to make the holiday season brighter for some of my peers.

How has Renaissance impacted your school’s culture?
The Renaissance program has impacted the culture of my school in so many positive ways. It has brought groups of people together that normally would not interact and has brought those closer to each other. We truly have the best teachers, students, and staff at my school. I am so thankful for my school and how they all support and love the Renaissance program and want to make the environment of our school fun!

How has Renaissance affected you personally?
I transferred to my school halfway through my sophomore year. When i got to my school I immediately wanted to get involved in the program because it was new to me and I had never been apart of a program like it before. Once I got involved, so many opportunities and friendships came out of being involved in the program. I have gotten closer to our teachers, our staff, and our students all because of this wonderful program. I have also grown as a leader tremendously because of this program and have learned how I can make a difference in the culture of my school as well.

What advice would you give to someone just starting with Renaissance?
I would say to jump right in and be excited because you have the opportunity and the skills to make a difference in your school no matter who you are, because anyone can be a part of the movement that is Renaissance. I would also say to never forget that you are important and cared for by your teachers, staff, and students around you. Don’t be afraid to be different and make a change!


Sydnie will receive a shirt and a lapel pin, and was entered into a drawing for free registration to this year’s Jostens Renaissance National Conference.

To nominate someone in your school for the National Renaissance Student of the Month honor, click here.

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