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Respect + Recognize + Reward + Reinforce + Relationships = Results™

If all the adult and student leaders of your school were put in a room and asked what your underlying school values are, would there be a single, consistent answer? A deafening silence? Or, perhaps, an endless stream of differing opinions?

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The Importance of a School Value System

Just as every individual has a moral compass, serving as an inner guide, schools have a compass too. It’s their value system which runs through every part of their school culture, academics, community partnerships, mission, vision, policies and procedures. The problem is, most schools have difficulty articulating that value system, simply because it’s never been clearly defined.

Through Renaissance, Jostens helps schools articulate and live their value system as a community. They show respect to it.  This enables schools to better navigate the daily experiences of education. To artfully overcome challenges as they present themselves.  And to systemize their pursuit of future visions, charting unknown waters with confidence.


It Starts with Respect

Identifying, clearly defining, consistently communicating and continually reinforcing value systems is a policy we take to heart at Jostens Renaissance. So much so that we’ve made it the foundation of our Renaissance School Culture Formula – it lies right there in our first R, representing Respect.

The Renaissance School Culture Formula is a tried-and-true approach to building a positive school culture and climate, leading to positive gains across every data metric measuring school success. Identifying what a school Respects (i.e. a school’s value system) is the first and most important step. It serves as the foundation for every decision and action that follows.


Finding Your School’s True Identity

After a school has defined what they Respect, the next step is to Recognize and Reward when their values are displayed in the actions, attitudes, and achievements of any school community stakeholder. Consistent Recognition and Reward Reinforces the importance of what your school Respects, leading to your value system becoming ingrained as your school’s true identity – known, felt, and unifying across campus.

Jostens understands the importance of school identity, school branding, and school culture and we are here to help you in every step of that journey. The journey to finding your true identity – to finding what your school RESPECTs at its core. Then, we can help you live it out.


The Jostens Renaissance Approach

Jostens Renaissance exists to help schools identify what they Respect and find meaningful ways to Recognize, Reward, and Reinforce it. Jostens can even help you take your true identity to the next level, creating buy-in throughout your school community with the expertise of our SchoolMark experience. Learn about the SchoolMark experience of Naperville North High School in Illinois in the video below.



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