Inspired by Phil Boyte’s presentation at the JRNC in Orlando, our staffulty and students at Erie High School chose the theme “Better Together” this year for our school. As a result, it was important to make sure every student was engaged and connecting with others on the first day. As students arrived, we greeted them with music and gave everybody a colored lanyard. After some dancing and one-on-one connection games, we announced that the color of the lanyard determined the Pokemon team they were on. We had four teams (Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander) and played four games that included everyone; no one sat and watched. As each team progressed in points, their Pokemon would evolve. The winner was determined by the team with the highest points and with their Pokemon mascot fully evolved. Each member of the winning team received a $5 gift card to our local convenience store. It was a great day, and everyone went home played-out, pumped-up and feeling more connected and “Better Together.”

Check out the video from the day… it rocks!!

(Submitted by Kellie Woolf, Erie High School)


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