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Grow Your Social Media Footprint

Let’s face it – students are on social media and most use it daily. Why not make sure they are seeing your content there so they are more plugged into the culture and climate of your school? Use these tips to aid in growing your following!

School Type: High School

Activity Goal: Grow Social Channel Following

People Required: At least one Staffulty member overseeing the accounts, and student leaders

Space Required: NA

Timing: All year

Materials: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Jostens Social

Submitted by: Renaissance Education



  1. Choose platforms that will reach your student body and create accounts.
  2. Connect them with your Jostens Social – available to all Jostens Yearbook users!
  3. Map out the year, and plan content around some key events like spirit weeks, Renaissance rallies, graduation, etc.
  4. Recruit student leaders to aid in the creating of content – you will have more followers the more the content is relevant to them!
    • Bonus: create a hashtag to reinforce your school’s values AND help people track all of your content!

Check out this TikTok made by Licking Valley High School (OH) students!

Use Social Media to do fun giveaways or give recognition!

Don’t worry about creating content for everyday – use Jostens Social templates!




Jostens Social is here to help content creation, planning, posting and exclusive Jostens content – all in one app! Helping you celebrate your favorite school moments on social with an easy and fun experience.

Features include (read more here):

  • Post Maker
  • Content Library
  • The Jostens Social Creator
  • Calendar
  • Strategy Prompts

Email [email protected] to get your log in credentials and follow these instructions.

grow social media


Contact us for a registration code or by reaching out to your Jostens rep. All Jostens customers have free access to Jostens Renaissance resources, and we’re happy to help!

If you don’t currently partner with Jostens for yearbooks or graduation regalia or other celebratory products, you can learn more here.



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