Jostens Renaissance® not only has an effect on the students, but also on the Staffulty (staff + faculty). Read testimonials as well as tips on how to start, grow, and maintain your school culture from experienced Renaissance educators across the country below.

My Renaissance Story: Jerome Price

Bexley Middle School’s Assistant Principal Jerome Price shares what it was like to attend his first Jostens Renaissance Global Conference as well as some of his takeaways.

My Renaissance Story: Greenbrier High School

Greenbrier High School has been a Jostens Renaissance School for over a decade, and has seen long term positive results in their overall school culture.

My Renaissance Story: Bradlee and Melissa Skinner

Back in 2013, Bradlee and Melissa Skinner were facing an uncertain future. Education was their shared passion. But after more than a decade in the field, they were struggling with teacher burnout.

My Renaissance Story: Muhlenberg County High School

Muhlenberg High School partnered with Jostens to transform their school culture. Their identity began informing their culture and climate activities, starting with a Renaissance Rally.

My Renaissance Story: Dr. Phil (PC) Campbell

Dr. Phil Campbell’s journey with Jostens Renaissance didn’t begin with a desire to change lives. In fact, PC didn’t even feel passionate about teaching until he attended the Jostens Renaissance Global Conference.

My Renaissance Story: Rhett Ladner

Rhett Ladner became a teacher because of a desire to coach sports, but Jostens Renaissance gave him what he needed to lead a district with conviction.

My Renaissance Story: John Roh

John Roh enjoyed his job and felt strongly about his mission as an educator, then as an administrator, at a Hudsonville (MI) High School.

My Renaissance Story: Dustin Horras

For more than 26 years as an educator and principal, Dustin Horras has lived by a simple yet profound mantra that continues to drive him every day.


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