Senior Sunset

Senior Sunset

It’s almost time to say goodbye to your senior class. Organize a Senior Sunset – a popular tradition of providing a last evening of fun and community for your graduating seniors.

School Type: High school

Activity Goal: Promote and encourage graduation

Prep Time: 30 minutes

People Required: Principal for approval, 2 Staffulty supervisors, senior class

Space Required: Green space – quad, football field, etc.

Timing: The evening after the seniors’ last day of classes

Materials: Games, music and speakers, food, beverages, paper plates, napkins, and (optional) prizes

Cost: $50 – $300, depending on size of senior class

Submitted by: The Renaissance Community (photo from Musselman High School)


  1. Pick an evening to have your Senior Sunset and announce it to the senior class via email, mail, announcements, and social media – make sure the students know!
  2. Involve senior class members in the planning – the more students are involved in the planning, the more students will show up to this event.
  3. Purchase or gather yard games
  4. Purchase food and drinks.
    • Consider a sponsorship from a restaurant to keep costs as low as possible.
  5. After school, set up the school green space with the games, food, drinks, and have some music playing.
  6. Enjoy some fun before graduation, and watch the sunset!



  • Have raffles for prizes that every senior may want for their post graduation life – dorm room supplies, gift cards, laptops, etc.
  • Display their Commitment to Graduate® Banner during this event.
  • Partner with local businesses as sponsors to subsidize the cost of food.
  • Bookend the year with a Senior Sunrise (the morning before school starts).
  • Pass out sunglasses as a gift to all seniors.



Contact us for a registration code or by reaching out to your Jostens rep. All Jostens customers have free access to Jostens Renaissance resources, and we’re happy to help!

If you don’t currently partner with Jostens for yearbooks or graduation regalia or other celebratory products, you can learn more here.


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