Student Recognition and Reward

Renaissance creates an energized culture of recognition that runs broad and deep. It’s a culture that is purposeful in identifying achievements of all stakeholders and thoughtful in recognizing them. A Renaissance culture is focused on catching students (and educators) doing something awesome. Schools that work with Jostens can use The Pulse-Student Recognition Survey to get real time perspectives from students, staffulty and parents about how students feel recognized in your school.

Virtual Conference Videos

Educators and students provide the best ideas for what kinds of recognition resonate best with students. Hear directly from them in these videos from our virtual conferences.

Everyone Matters! Recognition for ALL Students

Chris Reeder shares the variety of ways they recognize student behavior and achievement at Los Altos High School [CA] and make sure that all students have an opportunity to be recognized.


Student Point of View: Hard Work and Happiness

The Renaissance crew at LaSalle-Peru Township High School [IL] recognizes students in a variety of ways, from reward cards to celebration breakfasts. Students share how they use these fun activities to keep their peers motivated.


Student Point of View: Honors Café

Students at North Stafford High School [VA] had to pivot when they weren’t able to do their popular recognition event, the Honors Café, in person last year. They discuss the process of organizing the event and how to ensure the most meaningful elements were still included.


Idea Exchange

The Idea Exchange is a curated collection of the best proven Renaissance ideas submitted by schools.

Below is a sample of Idea Exchange ideas focused on student recognition.

Positive Principal Referral

Give students positive one-on-one time with administrators and reward them for positive behaviors.

Submitted by: Lasalle-Peru Township High School

Letters to Students

Recognize students who inspire and motivate educators by writing them a letter of appreciation, which can be shared privately or publicly.

Submitted by: Smyrna High School

Top 10 Award Ceremony

Recognize and celebrate the top 10 students with the highest GPA of the senior class by hosting an award ceremony.

Submitted by: Powell High School

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ConnectEd Podcasts

The Jostens Renaissance ConnectEd Podcast series focuses on various topics centered around developing stronger school culture and climate. Each episode features a new guest speaker, highlighting their insights and expertise on topics ranging from identity to school traditions.

Below is a sample of Jostens ConnectEd podcasts focused on climate and culture.

Recognize with Paul Dols

This series of the ConnectEd podcast is focused on the School Culture Formula of the 5 Rs. In this episode, host Dr. Phillip Campbell is joined by educator Paul Dols [CA] to discuss the second R – Recognition.

Giving Student Leaders Voice with Dr. Shameka Gerald

This series of the ConnectEd podcast is focused on leadership training in education. In this episode, host Dr. Tara Campbell is joined by Dr. Shameka Gerald [VA] and two of her student leaders to share ways to provide opportunities for student voice.

Go back in time with your Renaissance Rally!

Check out Waterloo High School’s BIG return to their first in-person Renaissance Rally that recognized almost 800 students and brought them back in time to the 50’s! Read the full story and download their script below!

Submitted by: Waterloo High School

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