How rewards and relationships impact success

When it comes to determining the most effective approach to driving student success, rewards get a bad name.

Improve graduation rates & school culture

Jostens Renaissance Education has a fundamental focus on attitudes, actions and resources that can improve attendance, graduation rates, academics, behavior and school culture.

Renaissance Honor Roll

While schools can simply toe-dip into Renaissance or jump fully into the pool, many focus their culture and climate efforts to impact specific measurable facets of student performance.

My Renaissance Story: Dr. Phil Campbell

My journey with Renaissance Education didn’t begin with a burning desire to be an educator that changes lives. In fact, after about a decade in education, I had found that I just wasn’t passionate about teaching.

My Renaissance Story: Rhett Ladner

Folks get into education a variety of ways. For Rhett Ladner, he found his opening through coaching.

My Renaissance Story: John Roh

John Roh enjoyed his job and felt strongly about his mission as an educator, then as an administrator, at a Hudsonville (MI) High School.

My Renaissance Story: Dustin Horras

For more than 26 years as an educator and principal, Dustin Horras has lived by a simple yet profound mantra that continues to drive him every day.

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